CES 2016 & Promising Automotive Technologies of 2020!

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a grand affair and without any surprises left one and all spellbound at Las Vegas this year. The show unravels innovation, magnificence and grandeur in various consumer electronics genres. With so much to offer, CES unveiled lot many exciting innovations in the field of automotive engineering.

Let’s take a sneak peek into some incredible tech innovations in the field of automotive technology that are sure to infuse a new ray of hope in the ever-changing dynamics of automobile sector. Vehicle technologies that are set to give automotive sector a refreshing makeover by the end of year 2020 include:

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Odd & Even Number Theory on Delhi Roads

Delhi, the capital city of India is breathing sick. The city, which is home to millions of cross cultural people has surpassed the alarming levels of air pollutants causing health woes to its inhabitants. The most disturbing fact however, is that young school going children are falling in the vicious trap of the demonic pollution and are displaying worrisome signs of various respiratory diseases including asthma. Thus, to curb the menace of pollution and facilitate a clean breathing environment for its residents, the Government of Delhi has initiated a novel initiative of Odd/Even vehicles on Delhi roads.

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Safety Truck: Lucid idea, overwhelming outcome!

Technology has paved its way into everything that we can think of today. Literally! Transportation sector is no exception. Various organizations are evolving mind boggling techniques that are not only resourceful but are scripting a new chapter in the conventional ways to road safety. Carrying forward this tradition, Samsung has come up with yet another technological innovation. However, this time around the Korean giant’s product Safety Truck aims at tackling the high rise fatalities caused by overtaking on the roads of Argentina. Taking its cues from the mounting deaths on the roads, especially one-ways, of this South American country, Samsung has put a brilliant logic to place. Its Safety Trucks are fitted with a front camera that transmits live feeds of the roads to the four screens installed at the back. This way, drivers attempting to overtake these gigantic trucks can have a clear cut view of the road ahead and hence plan their overtaking movements with great caution. These cameras offer live images of the roads and are equipped with night-vision mode. This is indeed the Seoul based conglomerate’s attempt to promote road safety but with a peppy twist!

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Electronics For You Expo 2014 Special Invitation


We Cordially invite you to visit our Exhibition Booth @ 4th Edition of EFY Expo 2014. We are proudly representing Fleet Robo – Fleet Mangement and Tracking Solution!

Fleet Robo

FleetRobo is a combination of in-vehicle hardware and customizable server software application for trucking and logistic companies, car rental companies, taxi service providers, public/police departments, school fleet management etc. to remotely track and control the vehicle. With our 24X7 call center service and mobile application, fleet managers can access real time information and location of their fleet anytime, anywhere.

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