Growing Trends In Fleet Management System Market

Though in nascent stages in Indian market, fleet management system is growing fast,specially in metro cities like Delhi NCR, part of this because of emerging private taxi and cab operation business. Also government regulations for installing tracking devices to ensure safety and security in public transportation system and for efficient commercial transportation has given opportunity to IT Companies to invest time and money to develop a robust and reliable business solution.


Fleet Management System


The benefits of having complete fleet management solution for organization fleet haven’t fully introduced to fleet owners but the information is reaching to them and more operators are planning to install and replace the manual processes of fleet management system with automated systems. There are many benefits of this advanced systems for fleet management as it provides complete control of the vehicle from remote location, equip fleet operator with exact information of vehicle and where about of the current location . Experts and market analysts have predicted that the market for fleet management systems, specially for commercial segment will be growing at faster rate for next 10 years, just because of new age transporters and logistic companies who emphasize on better customer services with timely and safe transportation of goods. Currently the market is around couple of hundred million dollars but it is expected to be a billion dollar segment as more and more operator expected to be installing such system because of necessity and also because of government’s directive.


Women safety is major concern in metro cities, specially in Delhi, as more and more case are reported for safety of women in city. Delhi government has introduced a law, where every commercial vehicle have to have GPS based tracking system in order to ply on Delhi roads, failing it their permit will not be renewed. There is an air of awareness among fleet owners about fleet management solution in market, which not only give license to their vehicle to move on roads of Delhi but also accrue the other benefits of having fleet management system, such as real time information of the vehicle on road, providing their clients accurate information about regarding their cargo, which not only assure timely delivery of goods but also ensure the safety transit which eventually results in getting more business.


Vehicle Safety is another major concern among fleet owners as vehicle theft is rampant in metro cities, as fleet management solution provide real time information, which enable owners to have minute to minute information about vehicle, It also helps in drivers getting accurate route information, which results in less wear tear and more importantly costly fuel saving.