The Next Big Thing in Vehicle Telematics – Connected Cars

The world saw the advent Smart Phones, Smart Devices & Smart Electronics, and now we are entering in an epoch of Smart Automotive. Vehicle Telematics (the usage of ICT and telecommunication) has proliferated opportunities for automation in Transportation and Logistics Industry. The burgeoning advancement in telematics is soon expected to create an ecosystem of Smart Automobiles.


We can expect the smart future of cars with better connectivity, information and control. It is very interesting to see the next big thing that the cars and ICT has to offer to consumers. The industry is converging towards new trends in Vehicle Telematics among which Connected Cars or Internet of Cars is one such proliferation.


Connected cars are equipped with internet through a wireless internet network, which allows them to communicate with the wider world and devices within the vehicle. Vehicles are no longer just mere a transport utility which take you from point A to point B , it can give


Society likes to be engaged using social networking sites, mobile apps and is always keen to have more information and entertainment through gadgets & devices. In fact, we are tied up to our favorite apps mobile apps for constant updates about our household and acquaintances and also happenings around the globe. Similar are the trends in mobile apps with which we get remote access to devices and electronics in home, office or building. We just have fair list of aspiration to access anything from anywhere.


Connected cars or Internet of cars is one such addition to it with which you can continue to be connected with your peers, favorite apps, music and interests while driving. Not only this, you are connected to central server to access information and status of other connected cars. You can share real time updates while driving, can monitor vehicle health using OBD2 compliant devices. Vehicles are becoming an extension to customer individuality and people wants the same experience and connectivity on the move as they have while sitting at home or office using Internet and mobile apps.


Most observers think that the concept of Connected Cars or Internet of Cars is a game changing event in the automotive industry, with technology advancement in automobile on board system and wireless technology.


Examples of connected cars features:


  • Automatic alert when approaching traffic situation and navigating alternate route to avoid traffic congestion.


  • Integration of phone to car on board system which will mute the music system as phone rings.


  • Contextual voice control enables hands-free services for safer driving experience.


  • Providing constant communication which will be helpful in emergency situation to guide emergency response team to reach the location quickly.


  • With Constant data exchange between vehicle and remote server, monitoring of car performance, its speed, mileage, servicing requirement of the vehicle to alert them to before crossing any limit.


Many technology giants are building consortium and investing heavily in proliferating solutions for the concept of connected cars as it will big leap in automotive sector to build faster safer and smarter.