How android apps are expanding horizon in Vehicle Telematics?

Android apps in taxi and cab management solutions primarily used by daily cab service provider is an intuitive communication alternative that not just provide convenience for the Driver, fleet operator and remotely sitting feel manager to communicate with Central operation center to retrieve booking and information but also streamlines the overall fleet management operations to enhance performance and increase ROI.


We would like to bring out the disruptive change brought by android applications not leaving this vehicle telematics industry untouched. The intuitive interface of android apps and smart integration into existing IT systems have made it breakthrough technological device for customer booking management, generating duty, generating bills, remote vehicle tracking, retiring reports etc.


Let’s show you the usage of android apps at facets of vehicle telematics:

android app for vehicle tracking

Android apps for taxi management gives easy access to vacant taxi or the requirement of taxi at a particular time. With just one click or touch of button on one’s mobile phones, one can book a cab, fleet manager check booking, the chauffeur can accept and reject the booking and a synchronized system could be built with high performance, better customer satisfaction and increase in ROI.


Android App for Customer:


With intuitive Android app, customers can book the cab conveniently and while on the go. Here are the benefits:


1. No more waiting for the taxi to come. With a handy android app, customers can book cab/taxi for particular Time & Location. Just mention pick-up time, destination and timings as per convenience.


2. Select the seating, vehicle segment, AC or non AC taxis.


In-Vehicle Android App for Taxi Drivers.


It’s always a challenge to schedule a customer booking and assign the right driver so that the waiting time is minimized and customer services are enhanced. Even though we use IT System to book customer requests, an efficient and intelligent dispatching mechanics is very much necessary to automate and actually enhance the productivity of Taxi Solution. The automatic dispatching solution identifies the best pick for assign the job for a customer waiting at particular location.


With In-vehicle Android App chauffeur can communicate with central server center and accept or reject the duties. Moreover they can view history and duty slips for a day. Here are the beenf get the message on their phone with all the details of the requirement, this can not only save lot of fuel cost and wear tear also save lot of time.


1. Depending on distance between current location and passenger, driver can take a call if he should accept or reject. Even if can tell his availability at a particular place in time periods (5 Min, 15 min, 30 min etc.)


2. Chauffeur can read messages from fleet managers, can check previous statistics etc.


3. Chauffeur can print the bills through the tab application.


Every activity of the driver is been stored in central application server that can be retrieved as per convenience.


Android App for Fleet Managers:


21st Century is the age of mobility that has enabled business personnel’s get connected with situation in office and remotely access the resources on the move. It’s very critical to monitor the vehicle so as to avoid possible time delays and other problems in transportation. Android app for Fleet owners allow them to monitor and control the vehicle in transit. Here are the benefits:


1. Constant monitoring of vehicle possible through GPS.


2. Check vehicle performance, idle time, on duty, usage of AC etc.


3. Remote immobilization through android app to avoid vehicle theft or unauthorized usage of taxi.