Role of Telematics in Transport Management

The progressive development of any country can be confidently inferred through how well the transportation services are available in the country ensuing the latest technological development that gives operational efficiency and business productivity with shared resources for transportation of goods and public services. The recent disruption in vehicle technologies and vehicle telematics coupled with mobility solutions have given patronage and has equipped business enthusiasts with unrivalled attitude to endeavor to bestow quality customer services.


Vehicle Tracking


By every day, the traffic on roads is increasing and so are the associated problems. If you are engaged in transportation business or fleet management, then no one can tell the better picture of challenges when it comes to deliver goods on time. You are dealt with immense no. of critical challenges in daily life that arrives at similar time, including few of those like increased congestion, accidents, un-necessary stoppages, time delays and driver mishandling, which can seriously dent the customer satisfaction and lead to business loss. Under such business stochastic, the benefits of vehicle telematics in transport management comes in picture.


Globalization and economic growth is very much dependent on transportation infrastructure, as goods and services needs to be transported quickly and effectively, which will ultimately contribute in overall growth and prosperity of the country.


To achieve efficient and enhanced transportation needs better management of transportation infrastructure through intelligent transport system and vehicle tracking system which conveys effective route management, economic fuel utilization, ways to improve better driving behavior, results in less road accidents, by having full control over vehicle give rise to less congestion on road increases efficiency of vehicle. All these brings an immediate impact on productivity and health of both economy and environment.


The vehicle telematics has benefited transportation and logistics industry by:

  • Providing efficient means of fleet management
  • Fulfilling on-time delivery of goods for livelihood
  • Mitigating business risks
  • Providing control on mobile assets
  • Positively contributing to country’s economy
  • Reducing the carbon footprints
  • Indirect and direct contribution to Global economic development


Introduction of Telematics into transportation sector has crated organized and efficient structure for vehicles to operate on road for betterment of the country and economic development.