Automate Your Cab Services and Taxi Management

“Cab and Taxi” are getting popular these days for transit from one place to another. People are thinking beyond Auto’s and prefer professional cab for day to day commuting because of safety and security ensured in professional cabs and what lacks in Auto Services by individual drivers.


People likes to prefer safe transport and services like live tracking, SOS panic and SMS alerts gives them confidence that they moving Safe. But, somehow, with a manual taxi and cab management services, you cannot ensure the same level of services. Than do you think, the customer will ever like to prefer you in place of Auto or 3-wheelers, if you are inept to provide the safety and security? Certainly not!!


We need to understand different level of services that we need to ensure to the customer as per mode of transportation we are offering them. The service level and expectation of customers are different in case of different service providers like:-


1.  Individual car rental service provider
2.  Cab management company with big fleet
3.  Taxi management company with dial-a-cab or dial-a-taxi services
4.  Elite car Rental Company with luxury fleet


Usually transportation and car rental companies make a mistake by selecting automated processes and software solution that if pre-developed and try to align there process as per it. But that practice is very wrong? To manage and provide best services and to meet varied expectations of your target audience, you need to have automated system and software solution that helps you deliver the same level of expectations.


One more thing we want to highlight is that, a lot many places, transporters offering cab management and taxi management, take away the same software, due to various reasons like time of implementation and cost involved, instead of going for customized solution that can fit in their requirement and operational processes. But is it right? I will say if that doesn’t meet and time and budget, than you may be partially right! But still I will say, for long term if you have to spend some extra bugs, you should never hesitate to spend the same. If the customized solution are available in market within time and budget comparable to inflexible products offered by other software product vendors, and you are not able to find, than it is certainly a mistake on your part!!


Fleet robo – Fleet Management Solution is one such customizable solution that can be delivered as per your requirement within short frame of time and negligible cost variation. If you are taking E-2-E solution for your process, if your process slightly varies from other, it will not have huge bearing on cost. It can be customized as per your requirement.


Now we have given you the difference and importance of managing different level of service offered, you may contact us to know more about it!!