How to ensure safety of elders in City ?

It is becoming significantly important to ensure safety of elders especially when unwillingly we have to depend on chauffeur for their transit. Not only elders, we are always engrossed with worries when we have to accompany a driver for transit of family members to market, function, school, office etc. We don’t want to get negative about safety of our family members, but becoming slightly cautious can help us feel complacent enough to focus on our work simultaneously ensuring the required safety for our family members during movement in the city.

We are talking about the personal tracker for your chauffeur driven vehicles. Lot many times, the vehicle is not ben driven as what is expected from the driver. When not in line of sight, you can never be sure about safe handling of vehicle. Moreover, we cannot take chances when we have to give responsibility to the driver. In all such cases, Personal Tracker by Fleet Robo Vehicle Tracking System is the best solution.

vehicle tracking system

How it is helpful?

1. Real Time Information of your chauffeur driven Vehicles.

2. 24 X 7 Call center support for all information access of all the registered vehicles.

3. Smartphone Application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry to track vehicles anytime!! Anywhere!!

4. Robust Devices that don’t fall back when required the most.

5. Light Weight Devices and Easy to Install Application System to ensure Vehicle and Passenger Safety.

6. Panic Button and SOS for passenger to give alert to the administrator.

How it Works?

You need to install the GPS Tracking Devices in your Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MUV or Bike. This Device comprises GSM Network SIM with GPRS enabled. The Device is connected with plugins like SOS button for Passenger Safety. All these works in synchronization to receive satellite signal which helps to map exact latitude and longitudes. The information is transmitted by tracker through GPRS to Application Data Center.

End Information is compiled and provided to you through internet on web interface for Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones.

In this fast paced economy, we cannot pace our self just by letting our resources been mis handled. Above all, it is imperative to ensure the safety and get updated about whereabouts of our family members.Next time you are sleeping, you need not to sleep with worry of safety of your vehicles.

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