How vehicle dispatching software can save time and money?

There is no doubt that IT Software Systems have made Industrial processes more efficient and at many places have increased the profitability of organization. Similar way, implementation of software systems and solutions in fleet management are very vital in saving time consumed in managing the activities and reducing the overheads and increasing the profitability.

Let’s figure out how it saves time and money for organization.

Whenever we have a situation we receive an enquiry for requirement of vehicle, we probe our self whom to assign the job? If the operators have to select out of 10 – 15 vehicles to assign a job, then it’s easier to find and assign but what if there is a challenge to find out of 100-150 vehicles, the most suitable fit for a job. We don’t have answer if we are following a manual process. Even if we are already using any software system, it is also important to ensure uniform and suitable job assignment.

Under all such complexities, lot of time is wasted in making the right decision without any hassle. More than that the unsuitable job assignment and mis management can reduce the trip frequencies for all the vehicles in day and non – uniformity in job assignment often increases Vehicle Idle time thereby causing loss of business.

What need to be taken care for selecting the precise Vehicle Dispatching Mechanism?

1. Record Keeping: Whenever the customer requests for a vehicle, the system should record all necessary credentials and maintain the pattern of earlier service requests from the same customer. It can help in MIS reporting and Business Intelligence.

2. Before Hand Scheduling: The software system must ensure the scheduling and beginning of dispatching process before the requisite time. It should not begin early to increase vehicle idle time simultaneously should not increase the Customer, Passenger Waiting time.

3. Taxi Dispatching based on Intelligent Business Rules: The Software system must be developed based on intelligent business rules to understand chauffeur in vicinity, their previous job done for day and minimum time required to complete current job and idle time. All these principles will help you find the suitable chauffeur for a particular place and reducing Customer Waiting Time.

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