Integrated Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Software

If your are dealt with a product offering with integrated fleet management and vehicle tracking software that can work on all modern devices like smartphones & tablets in addition to conventional web browsing machine like desktops and laptops. Here is the solution for you: Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solutions. It is an end to end fleet management software solution that can be customized to facilitate the specific and niche requirement of companies & transporters with varied Business operational methodology.

It is obvious a fleet of school buses will require a different feature set with emphasis on security of students with Panic Button (SOS) and emergency alerts and it will be all together different feature set requirement for inter state transporter for load transit. Similarly, cab service provider and taxi management companies will be more interested in automatic vehicle dispatching. Where can one have an end-to-end solution that can cater to needs of all types of transportation companies, all size of transportation companies and business enterprises?

Certainly Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solution is Single Point of Destination for all such software requirement. Following are the feature set:-

Features of Fleet Robo:-

Customer Interaction and Management

• Integrated Web-Portal for Booking and Customer Management

• IVR and Call Center Based

• Automatic SMS and Email Based

Fleet Tracking and Control

• Integrated Real time GPS Based Vehicle tracking

• Customized Geo- Fencing

• Panic/SOS Button for Passenger and Driver

• Vehicle Immobility

Fleet Inventory Management

Driver and Vendor Management – Data, Payments

Customer Information Management

• Customer Profile

• Agreements

• Tariff

• Fleet Allocation

• Approval Processes Management

• Billing and Payment Rules

Fleet Maintenance

• Alerts for vehicle maintenance and validation

• Insurance, Accident and Claims Management

• Service Management

• Spare Parts Management

Job/ Trip Assignment and Management

• Business Rules Based Automatic Vehicle Dispatch

• Guest Reporting Alerts

• In-Vehicle Billing and Payments

Alerts and Notifications

• Instant SMS Updates to Customers During Job Management

• Breakdown Alert and Reinforcement Options

• Payments

MIS Report Generation

• Trip Related Reports

• Fleet, Driver, Vendor Related Reports

• Billing, Invoicing for the Customers

• Fleet Maintenance Reports

• Driver and Vendor Payments

• Vehicle Efficiency Chart

• Other Business Intelligence Reporting

If you are an aspiring Businessman and want your transportation business to compete on global landscape with best service quality with strict adherence to time bound services, then, you must adopt the end-to-end software solution for vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. You will witness the business transformation and enhancement in business processes. An improved process will bring efficiency and maximize profits.

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