Benefits of Taxi and Cab Management Software System

We discussed about all the points of customer service and ensuring safety to passenger specially women, just to make one pint, i.e. to build trust with the customer. It is very important to build your brand name as trustworthy cab services. It is obvious to have all such positive results, increasing profits and business expansion if you are focusing and working diligently to enhance customer service to build trust with the customers

As a cab service provider and taxi management company, you have to think ahead about streamlining your process also and bring efficiency to enhance profits. You should focus on other points that can help you understand more about your business in order to improve continuously. Following things are important:-

1. MIS and Business Intelligence reporting system: It can help you enhance understanding and bring certainty in decision making.

2. Analyses and Pattern Study: As a business organization, you need to work in direction to remove grey areas but if you are not aware of what are the grey areas, how you will remove them? You should have system to analyze and understand the critical positive and negative factors.

3. Cab and Taxi Service Records: You should have system that automatically informs you about pending jobs for vehicle maintenance and servicing. It is a proactive approach to fight against and breakdown of vehicle during customer transit while on job. Again, it is a very important area to ensure seamless customer services and create trust among the customers.

4. Cab and Taxi Insurance Management: It is a backend activity, yet very important for every service provider. You should have up-to-date license, insurance and service of a vehicle. It is a rare case but just imagine a scenario where you haven’t renewed the Insurance and during customer transit, the vehicles have been checked by traffic guards. In absence of such documentation can bring hassle to customer but also can malign the brand image.

5. Driver and Vendor record management: As a big transportation enterprise with fleet of hundreds of vehicle, you must be dealing with corporate clients also. As a big enterprise, you should have a system that records and manage information about booking of vehicles, prepaid & postpaid payments, duty slips so as to ease the hassle and confusion involved.

Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solution is one stop solution which is an end-to-end software solution to manage all activities involved in Cab Management Solution, Taxi Management Solution and Car rental companies. We have robust GPS Dispatching and Tracking System to manage all fleet management activities.

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