Need for Car GPS Tracker and Car Management Systems to check Driver Indiscipline

What do you feel is the reason for chaos on Indian Roads?


1. Lack of driver training


2. Lack of law enforcement


3. Selfish, Indiscipline Drivers


4. Poor Road Infrastructure.


It’s the same question asked on a blog ( run by private group which aims at providing education and training to drivers to create awareness about traffic rules and driving etiquettes through a series of videos.


It was very informative to learn from experience and perception of general public about reason for chaos on Indian roads. Almost half of the audience (49% – 232 out of 473) believes that Selfish and Indiscipline drivers are reason for unwanted chaos on Indian Road. 22 % of the people said that lack of driver training is the reason for chaos, 9 % said it’s because of poor road infrastructure and 19 % feels lack of law enforcement.


Indiscipline driving in case of chauffeur driven vehicle is one of the major areas of concern. Several steps have been taken by govt. also to ensure safety and security to passenger by making it mandatory to implement Car GPS Tracker in Public transport vehicles. Not just to ensure passenger safety but, Car tracker device is also required to watch driving patterns and indiscipline driving of vehicle to plan remedial action against them.


Need of Car GPS Tracker and Car Rental Software for Car Rental Business, Dial-a-Cab Services and Taxi Services!


Passenger safety is one issue, but those who are seriously involved in Car Rental and Public transportation business, they must understand need for Car tracker and Car GPS System proper Vehicle Handling of Chauffeur driven vehicles for bringing operation efficiency and minimizing maintenance overheads for overall organization growth & Development. There is a need of Car Rental Software comprising Car Tracker and Car Maintenance software solution which can keep track of driving patterns and timely vehicle maintenance.


From the above observation about indiscipline driving, there is a bleak perception of Poor Services which once get associated with brand name, can tarnish reputation and future business. Companies involved in Transportation business must think seriously to check Indiscipline driving of vehicles by installing Car GPS tracker to keep Hawk-eye on Vehicles as Driver doesn’t carry passengers; it’s the company name which ensures Safe Passenger transit. We are talking about Passenger Safety, Vehicle Handling, Driving Patterns, Vehicle Tracking, MIS reporting etc. in context of Car Rental Service Provider just because; these are important ingredients to ensure Driving Disciple and bestowing world standard Customer Services to Passenger availing Dial-a-Cab Service.


The emergence of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) have made it easy for companies involved in transportation business, to manage all fleet related activities right from Customer Call Record Management, Driver Assignment, Automatic Dispatching, Car GPS System, 24 X 7 Car GPS tracking etc. just to ensure proper allocation of shared resources and handling of vehicle to bring maximum output of minimum resources. An ideal Car rental Software consist all such ingredients which makes Car Fleet Management job easy and enhances services for Passenger seeking Dial-A-Cab Services.


Fleet Robo Fleet Management Solution offers Car Rental Software Solution, Car GPS System, Car Maintenance Software, Car Tracker, Car Management System and all type of Hardware and Software infrastructure in affordable package to improve business processes of Car rental companies, taxi management companies etc. with all important features to ensure Safety, Security and Efficiency in Processes.

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