How Can You Ensure Your Child’s Safety on School Bus?

The phase when Parents send their kids to School, they handover the responsibility of their kids to the School Management with complete faith. Along these lines it turns into the prime responsibility of the School Management to take complete care of the school children. The real challenge is keeping up with the well-being and security of the children when they traverse in the School Buses as maintaining the security norms inside the premises of the school is comparatively less challenging than maintaining them on road.

Let us consider a real time scenario where the School Bus broke down somewhere in the way from the School. After a while, the School Management starts receiving call from the worried parents waiting at the bus stop for their children and asking for the whereabouts of the School Bus. The School tried every possible way to contact the driver of that Bus but all efforts went vain. Now, what will the School do in such a situation? How will they handle the buzzing calls from Parents? Rising child crimes making the situation worst.

After identifying many such challenges that a school management can bump into on day to day basis, various fleet managers have come up with Intelligent Solutions to manage the School Fleets, thereby ensuring the safe shuttling of school kids.

Let’s take a look what offerings these Solutions have!

These fleet management solutions enable real time tracking of the School bus with major add on features like

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for Identification of Children
  • Camera for Monitoring and Vigilance
  • Panic for Emergency
  • Over Speed Buzzer for keeping the bus within the speed limits and much more.

This solution also offers web application to be used by School Management as well as the mobile application for parents.

Hence the good news for the parents is that now they don’t need to stand in glaring sunlight or foggy winter and wait for the bus to arrive at the bus stop, as the tracking unit, duly fitted in the School Bus provides real time positioning of the Bus. So what they need to do is just sit comfortably at their home, log into their Mobile app and Track the location of the bus and hence reach the bus stop on time for their kid’s pick up.

Know how Real Time School Bus Tracking Solutions works

Automatic Route Optimization: The Geographical features such as Automatic Route Optimization empowers the School Management to wisely plan the routes of the School buses which in turn leads to reduction in fuel consumption and hence reduced operational costs

Customized Geo-fence: This feature will raise alerts if the driver takes the School bus on unplanned routes or through unauthorized areas.

RFID: In big schools with huge number of students; ensuring the correct school bus boarding by students becomes a very challenging task, especially with children of small age groups. In such cases RFID functionality of these solutions not only allows easy identification of  the child boarding and de-boarding the bus but it also keeps the record of the time and place of pickup and drop of the child. In case the child boards a wrong bus, school administration will be notified through an alert and hence they can take the requisite action.

Parents who cannot be physically present at the bus stop to pick up their kids will get virtually notified of the real time and location when their child board or de-board the school bus.

Emergency and Panic Button: In case of any emergency, Panic Button can be used by the children or the driver. This button raises an alarm to the school administration with the exact location of the bus. Thus, helping them in speaking to the driver and understanding the emergency situation so that the necessary help can be provided. The alarm for Panic will also be raised to the parents so that they can reach the emergency location and get their child out of the bus.

In a journal, the Director of a School in Texas mentioned this case where the school administration received a call from their driver in a problem with students on board, but before the driver could have explained them the scenario and bus location the call got disconnected and driver’s number became not reachable. Besides knowing that there is an emergency the School Management was not able to do anything in that situation. But after using a fleet management system for their school buses he noticed a great improvement in his student’s security. He also commented on the feature of Panic Button saying “The panic buttons on the bus work extremely well. We have individuals that are notified via email and contacted via cell phone when a panic button is pressed. We also have visibility of the panic alerts across the operations department because they pop up on our screens in the application.”

Over Speed Buzzer: Like panic button there are other features also that enhances the security of the children on board, which includes Over Speed Buzzer. Generally, School buses have a specified speed limit, which when exceeded leads to the threat of life and violation of the traffic rules. For such cases, other than providing an alert on the application and through email and SMS, the fleet management systems offers an over speed buzzer in the bus, which will start blowing soon as the vehicle crosses the defined speed limit, thereby alerting the driver to slow down and ensuring safety of the children on-board.

Real Time Video Streaming: School children are often notorious and immature and therefore many a times there are cases of bullying, violence etc. in the School Buses. To have a control over these unwanted situations and to enrich the security of the children, this fleet management solution provides an additional functionality of Video Streaming. A camera is installed in the school bus which provides the facility of watching the real time video streaming of the bus and helps in facilitating the benefits of recordings. This is another characteristic of the fleet management solution which provides a watchful eye and reliable records. Through, this functionality features the parents as well as the school administration can keep an eye on the above mentioned situations of bullying, violence, road-rage or driver misconduct.

There are some more traits of these solutions such as alerts for service and maintenance of the buses, maintaining complete records of the drivers, reducing fuel costs etc. which in-turn will provide value for money to the school management.

If we look at the set of benefits offered by these Solutions, then they may be listed as:

  • Security of the children
  • Identification of children while Boarding and De-Boarding
  • Panic Button in case of emergency
  • Real time tracking of the vehicle
  • Auto route optimization
  • Customized geo-fence
  • Real time video streaming
  • Service and maintenance reminders
  • Reduced fuel cost
  • Hassle free management of resources

Therefore all the schools should look forward to such kind of intelligent Fleet management solutions for their buses. Even the Parents should support the school in such valuable and helpful fleet solutions. And if you are looking for “The Most Desired Solution for your School Transportation which are economical, most effective and provide value for money”, then Child Safety and Tracking Solution by FleetRobo is the right choice.