Is your vehicle safe on roads of Delhi? Think again!!

Vehicle safety in Delhi is a big issue. Every now and then we have a newspaper coverage of vehicle been snatched from chauffeur while driving on road or been theft from parking. It is becoming a daunting task for the vehicle owners to ensure safe transit and parking of vehicle in Delhi. As per new reported on 3rd July 2012 in TOI “Every day, more than 40 vehicles get stolen in Delhi. The city accounts for 9.7% of motor vehicle thefts in the country, second only to the much larger states of Uttar Pradesh (14.1%) and Maharashtra (12.7%), says the latest National Crime Records Bureau report. Only 20% of these stolen vehicles are recovered, say cops.”

It is shocking to see that motor vehicle thefts comprise of 27% of the total IPC crimes in Delhi.

The shortage of parking space and customary habits of vehicle owners to park at road side with any anti theft precautionary measures with comprise installing gear lock; anti vehicle theft equipment have given impetus to thieves to dare to do such criminal acts. Our indifferent attitude has some where causing problem to our business. If you have a fleet of hundreds of vehicle, you cannot let them be on roadside without any precautions. Any thet of vehicle will not only result in business loss but can cause unwanted hassle beacuse of any unauthorised misuse for criminal activity. How to avoid such unwanted hassle?

Vehicle safety

One cannot afford to loose valuable assets just like that. The installation of Vehicle tracking system ensures you 24 X 7 accesses to track real time location of vehicle. The device is securely installed that it should not get in hands of thieves and any other user so easily. Any unauthorized usage can be halted by user siting anywhere with an easy to use software application. These vehicle tracking system are significantly reliable that just not give you an access to monitor your vehicle but provides advanced options like remote vehicle immobilization to switch off the ignition, geo fencing to gauge and ensure vehicle movement in desired region. You vehicle get off with your instruction and automated rules of security breach which ensures 100% safety.

Next time you are sleeping, you need not to worry about your vehicle!!

Fleet robo – Vehicle tracking system is one such advanced solution that gives you visibility to track and monitor all your chauffeur driven vehicles ANYTIME!! ANYWHERE!! Now, get Real Time Information accesses using 24 X 7 Call Center Support or via internet connection on your Smartphone Device, Desktop or Laptop.

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