Smart Cargo Tracking Solution

Technology has brought a significant change in the operations of cargo tracking. Cargo-owners and Managers can know the exact location of the cargo in transit with the help of technology.


The traditional supply-chain visibility concept is milestone-based, data about the status of the cargo is only recorded when cargo reaches certain checkpoints. In-between the checkpoints the operators lack the visibility to know the current location of the cargo, whether cargo is providing the right service level, and where are the difficulties and inefficiencies in the supply-chain.


Cargo Tracking Solution


There are situations where the goods being transported may get damaged due to excessive shakes and shocks during transit and you get to know the status of goods only when it reaches the destination.


Once the cargo left for the destination you do not know if the Cargo is handled or tampered by unauthorized personnel resulting in the blind delivery of products.


With the help of Real-time cargo tracking and monitoring solutions, one can trace the cargo easily from the point-of-loading to the point-of-delivery. Monitoring the condition and environment of the cargo in Real-time allows you to verify the whole journey of the product and take preventive measures, if required.


Cargo owners and Managers can know whether their cargo has been tampered or it has experienced any shocks that might have affected the quality of the products.


A transparent supply-chain Management Solution will allow one to sense and respond to the disruption in supply-chain with precision. In-transit visibility helps in optimization of the supply chain.


It helps the logistics and supply-chain professionals to optimize the shipping routes by defining safe and optimal routes, which will enhance cargo security and reduce business risks.


This will also allow the Cargo Managers to update their customers about the status of the Cargo and immediately address them in case of the occurrence of any unexpected interference in Cargo Transportation.


Enhanced functionality ensuring that only authorized personnel get access to the Cargo through RFID Tags, SMS Commands, etc. will further provide an assurance of the Safety and Security of the Cargo.


Thus, it is the prime responsibility for Cargo Owners and Managers to smartly choose a Supply-chain Management Solution that facilitates Transparency, Security and Safety of the Cargo at every step of the Cargo Movement.


So, choose a Smart and Transparent Cargo Tracking Solution that would address all the challenges faced in traditional Cargo Logistics Business. You may try the solution from FleetRobo™ and visit for details.