What amounts to recurring breakdowns in Vehicle?

Breakdown in work flow not only causes loss in productivity but disrupt the whole process of days routine and job completion.  Specially, in Transportation Industry, it is a routine activity which happens intentionally and unintentionally both. We may get to see immense no. of reasons for the vehicle breakdown during transit as what it is given by chauffeur and we are left with no other option except to believe them.

Transportation Business is one of a kind where you are dependent on Assets and Resources which are beyond line of sight and vicinity. We are left with no other option except to believe in what it is conveyed to us and report the same in our books of record. In this article, I want to figure out the reasons for recurring Vehicle Breakdowns and how we can curb on it?

First, is the “Actual Vehicle Breakdown”, here “Actual Breakdown” means that a genuine activity breakdown due to unintentional but negligent conduct in Vehicle Driving and Care. It doesn’t take that much to give due care to Vehicle and in return expect minimal breakdowns, in fact smooth and long vehicle life. But, I must say, it’s ambitious also to maintain and give preventive care to fleet of 100+ Vehicle. It is not that a cake walk, rather I must say it’s a thankless job. But we need to understand; a due care and proper Vehicle Handling can not only minimize no. of vehicle breakdowns but reduce Vehicle wear & tear so as to contribute to Organizational Profitability. Regular Vehicle check-ups, proper driving habits, regular servicing and Wheel alignment & balancing are the few parameters that come under preventive care that needs to be taken care for reducing the Vehicle Breakdowns.

Second, is the “Fictitious Vehicle Breakdown”, it is irrefutable that often the vehicle pretended to be halted is in actual not but just framed for fulfilling personal objectives and duties. The fleet operator and owner have such list of excuses populated by Chauffeur for Vehicle Breakdown and Job Cuts. We are left with no other options rather to believe them. We need an eye that can give visibility beyond line of sight so as to find actual reason for stoppages and breakdown. Vehicle Tracking System and Software are one such option that gives visibility beyond line of sight. You can get access to Remote Vehicle Tracking and Control over Speed, AC and Ignition.

There are many other proven software solutions available in market that can considerable reduce hassle in maintain the records and retrieving information for managing and reducing all sought of vehicle stoppages and breakdown problems through preventive care & analysis. The solutions are equipped with alerts, notifications, MIS reporting, Efficiency Chart and many more features the gives full ECG of Performance of Vehicle and Expected breakdown area. Fleet Robo – Fleet Management Solution comprises Preventive Vehicle Care Module that is developed by experienced IT professionals to cater to Vehicle Maintenance Problems.

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